I’ve bought the NHL series every year

“Best game ea has made. Slapshots and d to d one timers, no deking, no skill, floating wristers and wrap arounds. Just 3rd line grinding because its totally real hockey!” You wanted it insignificant forum guys from 09-12… you got it! Now you and the 26 others that actually play this skill less game can play each other on rewind until your ideas make this series a $5 android and iphone app lol. You’re headed there! NBA Live would sell more copies at this point. If 2k ever decided to get back into the game and implement skill stick, EA hockey would be buried.

I’m totally 100% not buying next years game. I’m like 75% not buying 19 at this point as well. I would buy a 2k nhl game on ps4 100% and i hated the old 2k games. Never missed a year of ea nhl though. This game and group of developers have just completely ruined it for me. From the best year 09-12 to some of the worst years 14-17

I’ve bought the NHL series every year since 93 and have never even played any of the NHL 2K series but I would not hesitate to ditch NHL 18 and buy NHL 2K18 instead.

Right now I have the whole night available to play NHL 17, I have lots of beer in my fridge and I just smoked a J but what am I doing instead of playing NHL 17? Posting on this message board while watching episodes of Friends on Netflix.

EA, If that isn’t a good indication that your game has way too many issues to overcome and isn’t enjoyable enough to play then can your game suck anymore?

dude, 100% me man. I’ve bought this game religiously each and every year (minus ’11). I feel the exact same way bro. I hated 2k, but at this point, they would blow EA out of the water if they ever decided to make a hockey game again. ALSO, 90$ to play a broken **** game, where you have to spend more time searching for opponents than you do playing (because less and less people are buying this trash), is just not an option for me anymore. I literally can’t afford to waste almost 100$ on **** like this.

Yup i agree with you both. Its pretty sad it got to this point. There was a time this was the best sports game out. I love hockey and i loved ea hockey but i just cant do this anymore. It angers me even more and makes me more disinterested in this franchise with the developers cracking jokes about a thread with serious issues about the game. Ea trolls issues on twitter. This is bizarro world! Taking peoples money and making worse products then cracking jokes and trolling people. Im so done lol


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