I honestly hope less and less people buy NHL 17

I honestly hope less and less people buy their games as the years go on man. EA needs to get F****D right back in the A**. They’ve been doing the F*****G for too long, but what goes around comes around. They’re due. Until they get honest with their fans and start hearing them out and take RESPONSIBILITY for their mess of a game instead of blaming the community, and their internet connections, and their attitudes and what not, this series will never improve.

Their lack of taking responsibility, is astonishing man. I’ve never seen a company like EA. All their issues are “our fault”, and they hide them up as best as they can with amazing videos showing how awesome the game is…..I said this years ago, but when Halo: MCC came out, it was a hot mess….Similar to NHL series. However, the **** difference there? 343 Industries KNEW they made a garbage game. They owned up to that, and really communicated that to the Halo community. They gave back by giving out free packs and what not, and did thier best to fix the game.

That’s how you manage a business man. one side, you have guys who care about the community and try their best to establish a good relationship, and on the other you have a bunch of crooks and liars who only care about how much money you have in your pocket. THIS is what people need to realize. Why do business with somebody who repeatedly screws you over, with no cares in the world with how the community feels about it?

We live in an era of participation trophies. EA’s NHL series is one upping that by actually allowing these rejects to steal wins and build a record as good as the truly skilled players. Gone are the days of skilled danglers and creative cycling. Instead the last few are built on bombs from the point, floating wristers, wraps and d to d one timers. It’s the era of lesser thans. The ideology of real hockey in this forum is built by lesser thans. My idea of real hockey includes skill. My idea of a video includes skill. NHL 14-17 requires no such thing.

Normally I would agree with you, but i think people are serious this time around. Me personally, as much as the series has **** the past few years, there was still a decent population to play with, so I kept buying it. But the NHL population barely even exists anymore, so there’s literally no instinctive to spend 100$ on a video game just to spend your time searching for matches that don’t exist. It’s honestly come to that point man where people already aren’t buying it anymore. Mark my words bro, I honestly don’t see NHL lasting much longer for EA.

People have been trying to communicate their frustration for years, but EA never listens….so now, instead of using our voices, the community is finally starting to voice their concerns using their pockets. This is exactly what happens when you continually issue out a game that is as incomplete and trash as the NHL series has been since moving over to next gen. You might have people buy it for a few years, but eventually they get fed up.


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