NHL 17 Glitch goals, exploits, “cheese”

Glitch goals, exploits, “cheese”… They’ve always been a part of the EA NHL series. There were ways to counter them, sure. But there were also ways to counter the counters.

I’ve always hated the claim that “well if your opponent uses exploits, just counter them or don’t let them do it”. If it was just the one exploit, then yes, perhaps that would be effective. And granted, it’s a little easier when you play as a team of humans to contain people that try to use exploits because you can effectively nullify 2-3 options at the same time. But 1v1 you’d need help from the AI but, guess what?

You morons told EA that the AI was “OP” and they nerfed it to ****, so now it does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to help out on Defense. Way to go, Brainiacs!

Saying that you “can” counter any exploit in this game is like saying you can play Rock, Paper, Scissors and always counter or match what your opponent throws 100% but your opponent can throw 2 signs at the same time and you’re partially blindfolded to boot (an analogy to imply how badly the offense is overpowered compared to defense in this game).

This is exactly right. I am enjoying the best GPG/PPG I’ve ever had in online hockey, scoring over a goal a game more than I used to. It is so easy to score in this game (just shoot from around anywhere). Most of our club games are blowouts, one way or another.

I feel sorry for the D-men who play this game.

Too many of these QQ posts go up every day…Newsflash, EA does not care. Get the community to stop buying HuT packs and make EA try to survive off game sales alone and maybe then they’ll get to some of the real problems in the games online features


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